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Bolanle Limann, MD, MPH

Dr. Limann practices at PinnacleHealth FamilyCare, Camp Hill.

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What's New?

  • Stay Away, I have “Pink Eye”

    Blog Post Posted 4 months ago
    Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the lining of the eye.  This lining has a lot of blood vessels – when the inflammation occurs, the blood vessels get bigger and this gives the eye a red or “pink” appearance.

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  • Why Your Doctor Is Asking You About Guns

    Blog Post Posted 7 months ago
    One of the routine questions I ask my patients during an office visit is whether they have guns in their home. But my goal, and that of other doctors like myself, is not to judge or debate, but to make sure my patients stay safe and healthy. Read More
  • Baby Safety Month Topic - “Bare is Best”

    Blog Post Posted 10 months ago
    When you’re getting ready for new baby to come, it is fun to get the room decorated and looking cozy. Read More


  • Miracle Workers

    Bowmansdales family practice is the most friendly and qualified healthcare professionals I've ever encountered. More importantly, I'm now extremely healthy, thank you dr. Jess and the whole staff. You're truly miracle workers.
    5 days ago, by Rick patient
  • Fact or Myth?

    No swimming for an hour after you eat- you will cramp up. Click here to learn if it is a fact or myth!
    3 weeks ago, by PinnacleHealth facebook
  • Choosing a Primary Care Provider

    4 months ago, by PinnacleHealth youtube

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