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Internal Medicine Doctors

PinnacleHealth Medical Group has several internal medicine practices across the Harrisburg area, providing excellent and comprehensive primary healthcare for adults 18 years and older.

Learn more about our internal medicine doctors below. They are listed in alpha order by last name - You can click on their name to read more.

Charles D. Gerlach, MD
"The challenging nature of preventative medicine is why I got into the field of primary care. I find getting to know my patients and watching them respond to treatment plans while following them over many years to be very rewarding. "

Steven G. Heckenluber, DO
"My family always felt that to help others was one of the highest callings. My family doctor, who did everything, helped to inspire me to follow in his footsteps."

Jack H. Moody, MD
"I got into the field of primary care medicine simply because I enjoy helping others and healing the sick."

John Nipple, DO
"Primary care offers a wide variety of clinical situations, not limiting focus to a narrow scope. Making a difference in the lives of patients and families and assisting them through difficult periods are very rewarding. I also enjoy participating in the student/resident education programs at the inpatient hospital."

John S. Parry, MD
"The most rewarding part of my job is developing relationships with my patients which improve therapeutic

Kristina M. Wagner, MD
"I enjoy watching families grow and develop. I like to help people manage their health and prevent complications. Becoming a part of people's lives and helping them cope and deal with all aspects of their health care is rewarding to me."

Walter B. Watkin, Jr., MD
"I originally chose to be a internal medicine doctor because I wanted to be able to do everything in regards to total patient care."

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Ayesha Ahmad, MD

Pramil Cheriyath, MD

Nirmal Joshi, MD

Robert Denes Kusztos, MD

Julianne Rich, MD

Rajinder Sahi, MD